Foreign phrases?

These are from the New York magazine competition where they asked competitors to change *one* letter in a familiar non-English phrase and redefine it.

Harlez-vous francais?
(Can you drive a French motorcycle?)
Ex post fucto
(Lost in the mail)
Idios amigos
(We're wild and crazy guys!)
Veni, VIPi, Vici
(I came; I'm a very important person; I conquered)
J'y suis, J'y pestes
(I can stay for the weekend)
Cogito Eggo sum
(I think; therefore, I am a waffle)
Rigor Morris
(The cat is dead)
Respondez s'il vous plaid
(Honk if you're Scots)
Que sera, serf
(Life is feudal)
Le roi est mort. Jive le roi
(The King is dead. No kidding.)
Posh mortem
(Death styles of the rich and famous)
Pro Bozo publico
(Support your local clown)
Monage a trois
(I am three years old)
Felix navidad
(Our cat has a boat)
Haste cuisine
(Fast French food)
Veni, vidi, vice
(I came, I saw, I partied)
Quip pro quo
(A fast retort)
Aloha oy!
Mazel ton!
(Lots of luck)
Apres Moe, le deluge
(Larry and Curly get wet)
(Sacramental wine)
Iic liebe rich
(I'm really crazy about having dough)
Fui generis
(What's mine is mine)
VISA la France
(Don't leave chateau without it)
Ca va sans dirt
(And that's not gossip)
Merci rien
(Thanks for nothin')
Amicus puriae
(Platonic friend)
L'etat, c'est moo
(I'm bossy around here)
L'etat, c'est Moe
(All the world's a stooge)

Last modified: June 14, 1996