The frog and the Programmer

A software consultant is walking through the forest, when he comes upon a small pond. Suddenly, a frog hops up to him and speaks: "Behold! I am a beautiful princess! Kiss me and I"ll be transformed into my human form, and I'll be yours forever!"

The consultant picks up the frog, and shoves it in his pocket.

The frog croaks, "Perhaps you didn't hear me - I said that I am a princess! Kiss me and I'll turn into a beautiful woman!"

The consultant responds by shoving the frog back dwon into his pocket. Once again, the frog crawls up to the top of the pocket, and wails, "Dang it! Don't you understand me!?! Kiss me!"

Finally, the software consultant looks at the frog and replies, "Look, I,m a software consultant. I've got programs to write and projects to worry about -- I don't have time for a girlfriend. But a talking frog...that's cool."

Last modified: October 20, 1996