The gynecologist and the muffler

A gynecologist had spent his entire adult life building a very successful and lucrative practice, but he was growing tired of the hassles with the insurance companies, paying exorbitant malpractice insurance and all the worries that go along with owning a practice. He decided to sell his practice and follow a dream that he had always had.

He joined a trade school and for the next year he took courses to become a mechanic. For the final exam he had to tear down an engine and rebuild it so it was in running condition like before.

He finished the exam, but it wasn't until about two weeks after the exam when the instructor told him he passed with a score of 150%. He questioned why it was 150% versus 100%. The instructor told him that he gave him 50% for doing the most wonderful job of tearing down the engine in putting the parts in a neat and orderly fashion. He said I gave you another 50% for putting it back together and making the car run better than it ever had. In fact, it purred like a kitten.

He then asked what the other 50% was for and the instructor replied "For doing it all through the muffler".

Last modified: 11/26/1997