An American tourist walked into a Barcelona restaurant and asked for the specialty of the house. After a few minutes, the waiter brought him a plate with two spherical objects on it.

"What's this?" the man asked.

"Cojones. What you call them? Testicles. From the bull. From the bullfight." replied the waiter.

"Gee, I dunno......." the man hesitated.

"Oh, sir. They are very much, how you say, a delicacy. And an honor."

The man took a bite. "They're delicious! Wonderful! Thank you!" Down they went.

A couple of night later the man returned to the restaurant and ordered more of the same. The cohones were smaller this time but every bit as delicious.

"How come they're smaller?" asked the man as he polished them off.

"Because, sir," replied the waiter. "The bull does not always lose."

Last modified: November 26, 1997