Seminars for Men

From the department of Woman's Studies:

COURSE 001 Combating Stupidity
COURSE 002 You Too Can Do Housework
COURSE 003 PMS - Learn When To Keep Your Mouth Shut
COURSE 004 How To Fill An Ice Tray
COURSE 005 We Do Not Want Sleazy Underthings For Christmas
COURSE 006 Wonderful Laundry Techniques (Formerly - Don't Wash My Silks)
COURSE 007 Understanding Female Responses To Coming Home At 4:00 AM
COURSE 008 Parenting: It Doesn't End With Conception
COURSE 009 Get A Life: Learn To Cook
COURSE 010 How NOT To Act Like An Asshole When You Are Wrong
COURSE 011 Understanding Your Incompetence
COURSE 012 YOU: The Weaker Sex
COURSE 013 Reasons To Give Flowers
COURSE 014 How To Stay Awake After Sex
COURSE 015 SEX101: You CAN Fall Asleep Without It If You Really Try
COURSE 016 SEX102: Morning Dilemma - If ITS Awake, Take A Shower
COURSE 017 How To Put The Toilet Seat Down
COURSE 018 The Remote Control: Overcoming Your Dependency
COURSE 019 How NOT To Act Younger Than Your Children
COURSE 020 You Too Can Be A Designated Driver
COURSE 021 Honest - You Don't Look Like Mel Gibson - Especially Naked
COURSE 022 The Obtainable Goal: Omitting "/@#* From Your Vocabulary
COURSE 023 Fluffing The Blanket After Farting Is Not Necessary
COURSE 024 Real Men Ask For Directions

Please register immediately as course are in great demand. Class sized will be limited to 10 as the course material may prove difficult.

Last modified: November 26, 1997